★ BMW 출장 샵 ★ 각 지역마다 아가씨들 대기 중입니다.
2014 년부터 현재까지 운영되고 있습니다.
외로운밤 좋은 만남 되리라 믿습니다.
아가씨 실사는 홈피에서 직접 확인 가능합니다.
연락 내용은 홈피 보시고 상담원 카톡으로 연락주세요 ~
상담원 카톡 : BMW220
홈피주소: http://6644bmw.com


출장 오피
서울 출장
서울 출장
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Feb 15: How To Do More With Less – Smarter Content Marketing Strategies

How To Do More With Less - Smarter Content Marketing Strategies

Dipping into your archive and giving a fresh take on quality pieces is a great way to extend your ROI, but it’s not effective to take the existing newsletter content and paste it into a blog post – it’s lazy.

Repurposing content means taking some of the same raw materials – research, original interviews, relevant theories, graphics or formatting designs – and reworking them to create new value. Read more…

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Feb 15: 10 Content Marketing Trends You Need To Know For Success

10 Content Marketing Trends You Need To Know For Success

Content marketing online is continually changing and evolving. If you’re behind the content marketing curve, now’s the time to get caught up – here are 10 content marketing trends that are relevant today.

1. Social Media Content is King

Social media marketing is the most popular content promotion tactic by a mile. Read more…

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Feb 15: You can put wings on a pig, but you don’t make it an eagle. – William J. Clinton

SAY OF THE DAY: “You can put wings on a pig, but you don’t make it an eagle.” – William J. Clinton… read more

Feb 15: Benefits of Ad Retargeting (Remarketing)

Benefits of Ad Retargeting (Remarketing)

Retargeting Ads. You’ve seen them. But, do you know what they are and how they benefit your business?

Unfamiliar with the difference between retargeting and remarketing? They’re the same thing. Google uses the term “remarketing” while Facebook tends to use the term “retargeting”.

Smart marketers and business owners use Ad Retargeting to:

. Bring back landing page visitors who don’t convert

. Re-engage with abandoned shopping cart prospects

. Upsell products to highly targeted, interested customers

. Increase brand awareness.

A highly optimized, targeted, conversion-centric landing page averages an 8-10% conversion rate. Read more…

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Feb 15: 5 Mobile Marketing Methods That Work

5 Mobile Marketing Methods That Work

Marketing has gone mobile. Most shoppers use at least one mobile device to research and purchase products online. Maybe your small business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site yet. But do you need one?

1: Determine whether you need a mobile site

Before you start developing a mobile site, figure out if you really need one. Read more…

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Feb 15: Essential Tips for Successful Crowdfunding

Essential Tips for Successful Crowdfunding

It seems like everyone is using crowdfunding to kick off their new business venture, be it a new coffee shop, or electronic gadget. But the usefulness of crowdfunding is still debatable. Is crowdfunding even right for your business?

Here’s some information and and a few tips that will help explain crowdfunding concepts and how you can take advantage of them to fund your business.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money for a new venture by soliciting small donations or investments from many people online. Read more…

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Feb 14: 3 Effective Video Marketing Content Ideas

3 Effective Video Marketing Content Ideas

You’ve got your ideas about what you want to promote in your video content on social media. You’ve probably even already got a video marketing strategy that includes services like promoted posts. But have you given real thought to what your audience wants to see in your videos?

Sure, you’ve thought about how to make your videos more successful, and that requires thinking about your audience to a degree. Read more…

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